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About Me

It all starts with words, in my opinion.
Words spoken from the heart have the power to move others, especially potential clients. As I get to know you and your goals, everything I write will be informed by what I learn about you and your goals before I create things like blogs, brochures, website content, emailers, social media postings, commercials, and presentations.

Hi There, I’m Sharon

I started my writing profession after graduating with a Visual Communication degree in 2017. After interning at Blink Foundation and Michelin Tyres, I worked as a Junior Copywriter at Blue Marble Agency for a brief period of time. In 2019, my mother and I started The Handpicked, where I worked as a Content Strategist, creating a range of different forms of content for a number of clients.

As a result of these experiences, plus my 6 years as a creative, I’ve developed the ability to anticipate (writers/creative) block and build fantastic backup strategies. My best asset is my ability to work alone and confidently, but I’m also open and receptive to constructive criticism.